Loaded Burger, IG1

The Halal: Everything! No alcohol and no pork in this establishment!

I have been waiting for a good halal burger joint for a very long time.. Especially since the arrival of Shake Shack and Five Guys in London. And now I think my wait is finally over.. Loaded Burger. Yes, it’s a bit of a trek to Ilford but the burger is so yummy and juicy, the journey is definitely worth it!

The Place: Situated on a busy high street, the location is not idyllic by any stretch of the imagination but once you step inside you are transported to a true American diner: denim-cushioned chairs, dark wooden tables and chairs made of silver and red steel. Clientele: hungry burger-lovers in all shapes and sizes!

ImageThe Food: Choose from beef, lamb or chicken burgers. The choice is immense: from classic, to machete (not for the faint-hearted!), to the loaded burger (every meat imaginable and then some) and even a DIY option to allow full control of the ingredients. Sides include fries (cheesy, chilli, gourmet), coleslaw, buffallo wings and onion rings.


Nobody in our group was disappointed with the quality of the burger. The brioche buns were lightly toasted and the sweetness contrasted beautifully with the hearty beef patty and spicy kick of jalapenos and chillis. The meat itself was cooked perfectly, very slightly pink in the centre- juicy and tender! To my relief there was also no american processed cheese in sight- only the real cheddar!

ImageA really nice touch was an extensive milkshake and mocktail menu which included drinks like virgin pina coladas and mojitos. I’ve had better tasting mocktails in other places but I commend the presentation in mason jars which was really cute!

ImageThe Price: At around £10 per person, this place is a steal!

The Verdict: Loaded Burger succulent beef burgers make the perfect comfort food- take a group of friends and you’re bound to have a great time here!


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