Rodizio Brazilian Buffet @ HS&Co

Well into a year after it’s opening, HS&Co steak house continues to establish itself as a staple feature of the London halal food scene. It’s most recent (and bold) experiment last month, was a Brazilian themed Rodizio night of sizzling steaks and Latin flavours.


Halal Brazilian Churrascaria can be found across London (Rodizio Rico and Nabrasa to name a few) but HS&Co utilised its Josper grill to provide charcoal grilled meats in the classic Brazilian buffet skewer fashion.


We started with a table laden with side dishes, huge bowls of fries, rice, warm cabbage salad and a bean stew. We were told that the mouthwatering slow cooked potato and bean stew was an HS&Co own recipe, it complemented the meat beautifully, I had to ask for a few topups, which they happily obliged!




The main event was yet to come and once we’d settled in, a blast of smoke wafting down the restaurant signalled the imminent arrival of the meat from the grill. The waiters served up a carousel of different meats on skewers starting with generously portioned sausages that have just the right hit of spice…we thought it would be rude not to go for two each!


The beautifully presented sticky lamb ribs which were seasoned with cumin and thyme were cooked well, but were slightly let down by the lack of meat over fat.

Half way through the meal, the chef decided to mix it up by sending HS&Cos very own ‘challenge burger’ to our table. It’s definitely called the challenge burger for a reason; a towering hunk of food with two beef patties topped with pulled beef, a fried egg, hash browns and sticky BBQ sauce. Forget your measly toothpick keeping this burger together, this monster needs a knife through the middle just to ensure it stays upright…although it’s not there to be stared at, the only thing for it is to suspend your table manners and grapple with it in a man vs food clash.


The staff continued to roll out further unique cuts, including tender lamb rump, chicken steak, spicy chicken wings and chicken liver…although with the exception of a few adventurous diners, the uptake of the chicken liver was slow.


Another highlight of HS&Co are the imaginatively named mocktails. My old favourite, Lavender Lush, was no longer on the menu, so I pipped for the appropriately halal-titled “Disney Star Martini”, which had a perfect combination of passion fruit, and non-alcoholic Champagne, served in an elegant martini glass. My husband opted for the Kiwi Cooler, a generously proportioned blend of fresh kiwi and lychee juice laced with crushed ice.


HS&Co stands out from the usual halal steak joint not only for its innovative menu (my favourite slow cooked meat selection in town) but also its quirky and lively décor. From the eclectic light fittings to the mismatched Moroccan tiles in the toilets, there is something about the attention to detail and love put in that enhances the whole experience.


One off themed nights like this are the perfect way to experience favourite restaurants whose menus you may have already exhausted and Churrascaria is the perfect complement to the hungry halal meat eating market.  We hope that HS&Co will continue to innovate new ideas that push the boundaries and ensure halal food lovers are continually treated to exciting and diverse choices.



*Disclaimer: We were invited to review this restaurant. All views are my own.*



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