Bird, E2

Over a week into Ramadan now Alhamdulillah, and for my first Iftar gathering of the season, I headed to BIRD in Shoreditch to meet some like-minded hungry foodies! In a nutshell, BIRD is one heck of a hipster chicken-shop. The menu focuses on the star product.. HALAL free-range chicken!


The restaurant had a cool young vibe which is great for groups or a party atmosphere. I was quite surprised (in a good way!) to find this kind of place served halal chicken and was advertising a special Ramadan menu. It’s this kind of inclusiveness that makes me love London. Even more so in the light of this weekend’s tragic events.

The event was hosted by Zohra and Ruman from Halal Gems. Social media is a kind of bizarre parallel universe where you find out a lot about people and chat to them online but have never actually met them in person. Such was true of friends I finally met that evening including the organisers, my big fat halal blog, smile_UK, haloodie foodie, ETfoodvogage and steak and teeth!

Our meal started with smoked medjool dates stuffed with brie and pecan, brought specially for the occasion from haloodie foodie headquarters. I can honestly say, I’ve never tasted a date like that before – a truly amazing smokey flavour! Bird doesn’t have a designated prayer room per say, but had cleared some space in the empty basement area of the restaurant for prayer – a really thoughtful touch.

The Ramadan menu kick-started with a plate of 6 chicken wings. These came in a variety of flavours including buffalo, Nashville hot, honey ginger, house BBQ, wasabi lime and korean sticky wings. All very crispy and with a good proportion of sauce!


Mains on the Ramadan menu include a choice of either a chicken burger, chicken with waffles or chicken wrap. The majority of the table went for burgers. I opted for the West Coast chicken breast burger with guacamole, jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes. The burger was tender and juicy and the brioche buns were fluffy and light.


Fries came on the side and Sheepa recommended trying the Korean fries which were for a fact – DELICIOUS.


Interesting conversation was flowing which meant dessert rolled round quickly – or rather it seemed to, it was already 11pm (way past my bedtime!) Doughnuts or doughnut holes were on the offer – baked fresh daily. Seemed fitting given it was ‘National Doughnut Day’ – it seems there is a day to celebrate everything these days! The doughnuts came in different glazes: chocolate with sprinkles, caramel and vanilla with cocoa. I found them a little dense to end such a heavy meal.


However, the doughnut holes were a different story – they were perfection. Very light and airy dusted with an abundance of sugar and accompanied with a rich dark chocolate sauce. I saw Steak and Teeth masterfully pouring sauce for a boomerang video with one hand whilst eating doughnut holes with another! Truly skillful!


All this was available on the special Ramadan set menu for only £21.50 and there are more options we didn’t get to try on the a la carte menu – I’m told the chicken waffle burger is a must-have so keeping this in mind for next time!

*Disclaimer – we were invited to review BIRD’s special Ramadan menu through Halal Gems*



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