Haloodies – Ready to Eat

I don’t hate grocery shopping. Honestly I don’t. But with a full-time job, a now a full-time baby, I just don’t have the time to peruse the aisles of Waitrose anymore. Luckily I live in the era of internet shopping and my groceries are now only a click away. Why am I talking about my weekly shop? Well, the reason is that I have minimised my chores even further by cutting out the trip to the butcher. For my daily home-cooking needs, I now just defer to Haloodies (who conveniently stock online at Ocado!) and in the same click as my milk and bread, halal chicken and meat for the week appear at my front door. Bliss!

Haloodies contacted me about their new Ready-to-Eat chicken range which is now being stocked at selected Tesco outlets throughout the country. I met Imran (co-founder of Haloodies) at the recent London Halal Food Festival and I was shocked to find out how much we have in common! We are both doctors by profession, we clearly love food and we want to make ‘halal’ more accessible. Imran spoke to me passionately about the lengths Haloodies went to, to ensure that the new cooked chicken range was sourced from poultry farms that maintained very high ethical standards in the care and quality of their produce. And of course, in ensuring the chicken was accredited halal.


If you are a chicken lover and corner-cutter like me, this is seriously exciting stuff. Halal COOKED chicken.. Let me spell it out.. Someone else has already done the hard part! The range of products are now stocked in selected Tesco outlets throughout the country and there is quite a bit to choose from. I sampled a variety of grilled chicken, breaded fillets and Chicken skewers.

And there’s a lot one could potentially do with these products…

The grilled chicken breast slices are ideal for sandwiches and wraps. I can see these being especially popular with theΒ  kids who often have food envy at lunchtime when they open up their boring cheese sandwiches next to their friend’s meaty ones!


Breaded chicken bites, similar to KFC’s popcorn chicken is just an awesome snack!


I loved the breaded southern fried mini chicken fillets – Delicious in a mediterranean wrap with salad.



larger breaded chicken breasts were ideal for Burgers – smother with smokey barbeque or spicy hot sauce and serve with chips!


And I could see the Peri-Peri and Thai chicken skewers being a sought-after canape at parties.


My Verdict

What I like about Haloodies is their practical thinking. They find gaps in the market and duly fill them. Cooked chicken.. It’s so simple yet it takes a lot of work to bring out a quality product. And that’s exactly what it is – QUALITY. My family all felt the chicken was exquisitely tender which is harder to achieve in a cooked product than one might think. The chicken also tasted good – the southern fried seasoning was on point! Give yourself an evening off cooking and take the short-cut, at only a couple of quid each, it would be bad economics not to.

For more information about Haloodies products, visit their website http://www.haloodies.com/


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