China Tang at the Dorchester, W1K

The Halal:

I’ve searched far and wide in London for decent Chinese food. Growing up in the Middle East, we had a huge variety of excellent Chinese restaurants that were halal so Chinese food has always been a favourite cuisine. I was always a little disappointed at not being able to find quality halal Chinese food in the city so it was really exciting to hear about the Dorchester’s in-house Chinese restaurant, China Tang and it’s halal a la carte menu.

The Place:

Founded by the infamous Sir David Chang, China Tang at the Dorchester wreaks of opulence with its art-deco inspired rooms decorated entirely in Imperial red and gold. The founder has a love for art and hand-picked the impressive paintings adorning the restaurant walls. There are also three private dining rooms accomodating between 18-22 people if you are looking to book a premium venue for an intimate celebration.

The Food:

Serving traditional Cantonese cuisine, China Tang has an extensive halal menu for its Muslim diners. We were a party of 8 (and two babies!) celebrating my brother-in-law’s recent promotion at work. Although many high-end Park Lane establishments frown upon child diners, I found China Tang was very accomodating to our family’s needs.

Chinese food is great for sharing so we chose several dishes from the menu to have between us. Starters consisted of chicken spring rolls that were freshly deep-fried and deliciously crispy and squid done in a classic salt and pepper style.


YUM! Steaming baskets of scallop dim sum.


We had to try the signature Peking duck which we had two ways – first the waiter brought the whole crispy duck to the table. It had a silky sheen and I couldn’t wait to tuck in!


Some table theatrics followed whilst the waiter delicately carved the skin and surface meat for the pancake wraps. These were served with spring onions, cucumber and plum sauce. Judging by the speed at which the duck wraps disappeared, I’d have to say this was the best dish of the night and a MUST HAVE whenever you come to China Tang.



The remaining duck was returned to the kitchen so the leftover meat could be stir-fried with noodles. These were totally moreish when they emerged.


We ordered the sauteed chicken with cashew nuts which was tasty and the generous helping of cashews brought an interesting texture to the dish.


Stir-fried beef with black pepper was another winning dish. Unbelievably tender cubes of beef were cooked in a rich marinade – understated and undeniably addictive!


The red cooked lamb in a clay pot promised more on the menu than it did in person with relatively bland seasoning.


The egg fried rice accompanying was good but the portions are quite small. Luckily our waiter alerted us to this so we ordered one between two people which was the correct amount. The gai lan vegetable side brought a bit of green to our plates and was really tasty!


The Price:

Dining at the Dorchester doesn’t come cheap but the meal didn’t destroy the bank either. Credit to our waiter who guided us very well in ordering the correct quantity of food. The bill came to around £50 per person including service and soft drinks.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for classic Chinese food, China Tang delivers on taste, service and ambience in a luxurious setting. I’d suggest this restaurant for special occasions, family dinners and date night!


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