I’m sure you’ve all had that experience.. You’re craving restaurant quality steaks and burgers at home so you totter down to the local halal butcher who hands you some meat that doesn’t even distantly resemble what you had in mind. Don’t despair fellow haloodies, Halalnivore has come to our rescue!

Halalnivore is a gourmet meat company that sources premium halal meat (currently beef steaks, lamb and burgers) and delivers it straight to your door! They supply the top London hotels and restaurants so you can imagine the quality I’m talking about. Halalnivore will soon be introducing a Gourmet meat club (monthly subscription) for those of you who are more adventurous cooks!

I recently had the opportunity to try our their service for myself. The meat angels (yes, that’s what I’m calling them!) at Halalnivore sent me a lovely little starter box of halal goodies. Their website is easy to navigate and meat can be ordered by ‘building your own box’ or by selecting a premade box of popular products. Orders have to be placed by 12pm on Tuesday in order to be delivered on Thursday of the same week. Straight off, I was very impressed with the delivery service. I received UPS email updates on the status of my order. The courier arrived at a timely hour and delivered a well-packaged cardboard box full of meat. The box is insulated and cooled with gel packs which allows the meat to stay cold for 48 hours, just in case you miss your delivery and the box has to be redelivered the following day. As Halalnivore grows their business, I’m sure they will introduce more flexible delivery options.


The starter box I was sent contained:

5 x 6oz Angus Beef burgers

5 x 5oz Lamb Kofte burgers

2 x 8oz Brazilian Rib-Eye steaks

2 x 8oz Irish Rump steaks

Each item came vacuum-packed in plastic wrapping.


Included within the box were also some yummy recipe ideas from the Halalnivore blog ‘The Butcher’s Block’ (https://www.halalnivore.com/blogs/the-butchers-block).


Faced with 10 juicy burgers, I did what any normal person would do… I threw a burger party! I fried the burgers and served them in soft brioche buns.


With the beef patties, I made American-style cheeseburgers loaded with caramelised shallots, tomatoes and a hot buffalo mayo.


The lamb kofte burgers were topped with tzaziki, tomatoes and red onion.


The burgers were served with sides of Mexican elotes, sweet potato fries and caesar salad. At £5.99 for a pack of 5 burgers, I felt that these were excellent value for money. The Angus beef burgers were meaty and succulent – a hit all round! The lamb kofte were also nice, but the mince required a bit more seasoning. If I was to order these again, I’d add some extra spices to give these a bit more va-va-voom!



A few days later, I was in the mood for steak and the fat marbled Brazilians in the fridge were making my mouth water.


I wanted to try a new marinade so took inspiration from the New York style steak rub which was included in my starter box. You may have already seen my Instagram step-by-step guide on how I made these. If you missed it, here’s a snapshot.

Marinade according to recipe (see Butcher’s Block):


Cook according to your preference. I wanted my steaks medium so cooked them on a high heat for 4 minutes on each side.


Flip and cook!


Use the steak thermometer to check how well the meat is cooked.


Serve and Enjoy!



My husband (like most men) considers himself a bit of a steak connoisseur and even he was pleased with the quality of the steaks. So at a fraction of the price of a restaurant (£11.99 for two) we were both happy with the tenderness of the meat and our bellies certainly weren’t complaining.



At £39 for the starter box, the meat is slightly pricier than your average butcher but that is because these meat is far from average! Halalnivore will soon be adding more premium quality produce to its portfolio including Wagyu (YAY!) They will also be introducing the ‘Home box’ for your more staple halal home-cooking needs, eventually making those trips to the butcher obsolete! Don’t take my word for it folks, give it a try for yourselves. You can use my discount code THEHALALFOODDIARIES to get 5% off your first order… And do look out for their stall at the London Halal Food Festival later this month!







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