Meat and Shake, SW17

The Halal: Meat and Shake serves all quality halal produce. The beef is dry aged by 35 days and sourced from Macken bros of Selfridges London. No alcohol or pork is served on the premises.


The Place: They say their burgers are bonafide.. And they’re not wrong. It’s a bit of a trek all the way to Tooting but definitely worth the journey. I’d heard a lot about Meat and Shake and was so happy to hear it’s halal. You can tell that the staff are very passionate about burgers. The interior is styled like an American diner: leather booths and wooden furniture. There is an impressive light installation on an exposed brick wall giving the place a cool retro vibe. Service is friendly and efficient. The waiters use iPads to transmit order information to the kitchen which means there is no delay in receiving your meal.


The Food: The menu is impressive to say the least. There are more than a dozen burgers; mainly beef but there are also lamb, chicken and veggie! And remember everything is halal! (Sigh) Burger heaven. There are also some very impressive looking loaded hot dogs but we were pumped about the burgers so gave these a miss on this occasion.

The burgers are themed: the American ‘Joe Shmoe’, the truffle burger, the von Longhorn with turkey bacon, and Stanton sauce, the  ‘Johnny’ with Swiss cheese and creamy mushrooms.

The ‘Luchador’ was a Mexican-inspired burger with nachos, guacamole, jalapeños and sour cream. The burger was an immense pile-on of ingredients and very tasty though the tortillas did not add much to the mix.

IMG_3543 The ‘Smokin bandit’ burger was a special treat. The burger contains smoked bacon and smokey chipotle and the entire burger comes within a smoking glass cloche! There was an intense smokey flavour and the spectacle was a unique experience for sure!

IMG_3546                     IMG_3556

The sliders or mini-burgers came in a cute trio. Each one with a different cheese or flavour: Stanton, smokey and blue cheese.


The burger patties are all cooked pink or medium unless you ask for them to be cooked differently. Unfortunately the ribs and pulled rib burgers were not available on the day we visited which was a real shame. Sides like rosemary fries and sweet potato fries were perfect accompaniments.


The milkshakes were pure gluttony! They came in large ice cold glasses containing nearly a litre of Shake. These really should come with a health warning! Some interesting flavours to choose from like the creme brûlée infused with basil and this is flamed at the table. Apple pie, rhubarb and custard, peanut butter, banana and brownie are just a few other liquid surprises!


There is also an extensive list of non-alcoholic beers and wines if you’re looking for a more refined experience.

The Price: When you consider the amount of food you’re getting, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised when the bill arrives. These are high end burgers and for a full meal you’re looking at around £15-20 per person.


The Verdict: Meat and Shake is burger perfection. I really cannot say anymore. I was hugely impressed and would recommend it to everyone!








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