Kaslik, W1D

The Halal: All of the meat and poultry at Kaslik is halal.

The Place: Kaslik is named after an enchanting town in Lebanon and can be found amidst the busy bars and restaurants on Greek street in Soho. If you get a chance head down to the Bedouin tent downstairs where you can dine in traditional surroundings. The service is exceptional- the waiters are so friendly and will bend over backwards to meet any requests you may have.

The Food: One can expect the usual Lebanese fare. Hot and cold mezze and salads, grilled skewers of meat, kebabs and seafood.

The mixed mezze were excellent: creamy hummus, earthy moutabel, fresh and tangy tabbouleh.

IMG_2641        IMG_2638

The sajouk sausages were deliciously seasoned and the chicken wings were tender and juicy- especially tasty with garlic sauce.


The falafel were freshly fried: crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside.


As is often the case at these Middle-Eastern places, the main courses were less special than the starters. I really wanted to give all the food a good review given how good the service was. Unfortunately, the kebabs were overcooked and under-seasoned.


The chicken shish tawouk was slightly undercooked and fairly bland.


The lamb chops were mediocre at best and the portions were modest.

IMG_2648 Luckily, the baclava with Arabic tea ended our meal on a pleasantly high note.

IMG_2650 The Price: Around £25 per head for mixed starters and a main.

The Verdict: Kaslik was a bit of a mixed bag: the service and starters were excellent but main courses were disappointing. Would I go again? Sure. The lovely customer service alone warrants giving this restaurant a second chance!




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