Sticky Wings, E1

The Halal: There’s chicken and beef on the menu and it’s halal (HMC). No pig served here but you can buy alcohol (though they use separate glasses for that). Watch this space as new Sticky Wings branches are rumoured to be opening in west London and the City. The owner is a really lovely chap who is so passionate about his food. He’ll always come and have a chat with all the customers which is really nice. Whats more, he tells me that they may be venturing into the world of halal steak- I cannot wait!

photo 4-1

The Place: Amidst all the curry houses on Brick Lane is Sticky Wings- an American-inspired diner serving buffalo wings… And they’re actually the real deal! The diner is small and cosy. Their motto is to serve good food with no frills. Wooden tables with painted tile tops add a splash of colour to the blank canvas. There’s a new projector screen showing the World cup (currently) and will later show other sports such as the Super Bowl. They do take-out as well but why not take a seat and enjoy the food served hot?!

The Food: As I mentioned the idea is not to complicate the menu. They serve a few dishes but they do them well. Actually, they’re done really well. There are loads of places in London that serve hot wings or spicy wings or american wings but if you’ve ever had the real thing (and I mean proper wings in Buffalo USA!) – these come pretty darn close!

Β photo 1-5

You can choose between boned wings or boneless. Then choose if you are hungry (UK portion) or SUPER-hungry (American portion)! The wings can be made in different flavours: American buffalo, Sticky Wings BBQ, Jerk Twist, Hot Chilli. I’ve tried a few of those but American buffalo is an unrivalled winner every time.

photo 3-2

You can have your wings as a meal with fries or you can upgrade to a different accompaniment such as onion rings, coleslaw, garlic mushrooms or deep fried corn. The celery and dip is really nice to start!

photo 2-5

If you don’t fancy that then have your wings in a wrap or in a bagel (how fitting on Brick Lane!). These come with chicken or beef filling.

NOM NOM NOM… Hands down- my favourite wings in London!

The Price: A steal at around Β£10 per person!

photo 5-1

The Verdict: If you haven’t been to Sticky Wings yet, what are you waiting for?! Seriously head down there right now, you won’t regret it. When it’s busy, service can sometimes be a little slow but they’re preparing everything fresh and its a small business. The food’s always really good and they’re so nice that most people don’t mind the wait!


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