Ceviche, W1D

The Halal: Nada- When will I find halal Peruvian food?! It’s so yummy! At least there’s plenty of seafood and veg to appeal to the masses! Alcohol and pork are served here.


The Place: Huddled amongst the numerous hip Soho eateries is Ceviche- Peruvian kitchen. The restaurant has a cosy and relaxed vibe. Black and white photographs line one wall and fluorescent retro posters hang on the others. It came highly recommended from a friend who knows her food!

IMG_1370         IMG_1373

Service was extremely friendly at Ceviche. I would make one suggestion- new customers might be daunted by the unique menu and I always find it really helpful to be given some suggestions on the most popular dishes. The latino music was mellow and I really felt for a short while like I was on holiday in Lima!

The Food: Plates are for sharing and we were advised that 4 each was a good number if you were really hungry (we were!) Given the halal constraints, we were unable to try some of the exciting meat dishes but luckily there was plenty of seafood and veg on offer.

IMG_1360The Don Ceviche (sea bass with amarillo tiger’s milk, chilli, sweet potato and onion) was a popular choice from spying on the other tables. Once tasted, I understood exactly why! The sea bass was fresh and the combination of tangy limes with spicy chilli created an extremely satisfying taste sensation. I creatively added some crunchy peruvian corn to the mix to add another dimension of texture- YUM!

IMG_1361Yucas (fried cassava) was served with a Huancaina sauce which was spicy and creamy. The yucas were golden and beautifully crispy yet still soft in the middle and went perfectly with the dip.


We also tried grilled white and green asparagus (served with the same Huancaina sauce). This was a bit of a disappointment as it was quite a boring dish – a different sauce could have elevated the flavours but the asparagus was cooked well.


Ceviche also offer a variety of vegetarian ceviche which was novel. We ordered the Ceviche de Alcachofa (artichokes, red onion, sweet potato) – if you’re a fan of sour haribo then you will love these flavours!


Next up was the dazzling and colourful Coctel el Tigre (literally a cold cocktail of king prawn, diver-caught scallop, spider crab meat, avacado and tomato). Alongside the sea bass ceviche this was the next strongest dish we sampled on the menu, not to mention, a fair amount of seafood for less than a tenner!


The Solteron salad (palm hearts, spinach, feta and alfalfa) was a bit bland and I probably wouldn’t order this again given that there are so many more exciting items on the menu. The Choclo corn cake was warm and fluffy and brought around a nice balance when eaten with the tangy ceviche.


Grilled red mullet skewers were soft and flakey and served with a rich peruvian tartare sauce. Really nice. I washed the meal down with a mocktail ‘Luna Ciega’ which had lychee, pomegranate, echinacea and raspberries. Wow- I have never had a purple drink- could not get enough of this it was so cool!


For dessert I wanted to try everything so in the end I opted for the Trio Barranco: Guanabana fruit suspiro, voladores biscuit with chocolate and a seeded passion fruit mousse.


The presentation was superb and each element of the dessert complimented the other. It was neither too sweet nor too heavy which many restaurants find really difficult to accomplish.

The Price: 4 small plates per person comes to around £30 (not including drinks).

The Verdict: I will definitely be coming back to Ceviche. The food was brilliant and the service was great. This is the kind of place that would be perfect for a chilled out catch-up with friends, drinks and snacks after work, lazy lunches or a food-stop for shoppers!



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